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Is it Difficult to Imagine a Day Without Drugs?

Have you become more and more reliant on drugs in order to feel normal? Were you prescribed a medication or painkiller that you can no longer imagine living without? Or, have you started to abuse an illegal substance? Maybe you are feeling sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, but wonder how you could cope without drug use. Are you always on guard and worried that someone will find out about your drug use? It may feel like you are living a double life, especially if you are a professional or a stay-at-home mom who feels pressured to appear happy, healthy and put together. Do you wish you could break free of your drug use and live a full, happy life without substances?

Struggling with a drug addiction can be an isolating, confusing and even helpless experience. Maybe you are always assessing your drug supply and don’t feel at ease unless you know that you have enough to get you through the day and even better, the week. You may have gone to great lengths in order to sustain your drug supply, including stealing or lying about your symptoms to a string of doctors. Perhaps you always feel as though you are lying to your family members and friends, and you live in fear of being found out. Maybe the drugs don’t even make you feel high anymore – you take them just to go about your normal routine. You might be doing all you can to appear happy and stable, even though the idea of going without your medication fills you with anxiety and dread. You may be weighed down by exhaustion, shame, and fear and hate yourself for being unable to live the honest, open life that you want.

Many People Struggle With Addiction
to Illegal and Prescription Drugs

If you’re struggling with drug abuse or addiction, you are not alone. In 2013, about 24.6 million Americans used an illicit drug in one month. 52 million people over the age of 12 have used prescription drugs non-medically, including 6.1 million in the past month. Often, prescription drugs can seem safer because they come from a doctor. Many people believe (sometimes subconsciously) that a doctor would never give them something dangerous or addictive. But, in truth, prescription drugs cause more deaths every year than all street drugs combined.

Our modern American culture pressures us to feel happy all of the time – or at least appear to be. It is very common to believe that you shouldn’t really feel or express strong emotions, and if you are unhappy, something is wrong with you. We struggle to accept discomfort, and when we are in pain, distressed or bored, we seek immediate relief through gratification, fun and release. Drugs can make negative feelings go away, at least for a short amount of time, and it can seem as though there is a pill for everything. But, you don’t have to go through life trying to suppress your authentic feelings. Discomfort and pain are part of the human experience, just like joy and excitement. And, it is possible to live a full life that embraces the wide range of human emotions.

Drug Addiction Treatment Can Help You Embrace Life Again

No matter how impossible it may seem to live a life without drug use, therapy can help you break free of your addiction. I am a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist (LCAS). For nearly 10 years, I have helped many people better understand and accept their emotions and develop a willingness to feel feelings – even those that are really uncomfortable. Through therapy, you, too, can start rediscovering your life values and taking steps toward fulfilling your long-term goals.

Drug addiction treatment is most effective when a client is able to commit to more than 90 days of treatment. The longer that you are able to dedicate some time to therapy, the better your outcome is likely to be. According to research from the National Institute of Drug Abuse, most people who begin and maintain treatment stop using drugs, decrease legal issues and improve their mental, physical and emotional well-being. They also improve their social lives and job performance.

In sessions, I can help you develop strategies for coping with triggers and drug cravings. You can learn ways to improve your communication, relationships, parenting skills, family dynamics and more. In a safe, compassionate setting, I will listen to you without judgment and help you work through the feelings of fear and shame that may be causing you pain. As you recover, I will work with you to avoid relapse and continue to support you if relapse occurs. Even if you have not yet made the decision to stop using drugs, I can help you begin your journey toward a healthier, happier life.

You don’t have to feel as though you are living a double life anymore. In drug addiction treatment, you can be your full self. You can stop feeling divided and start feeling whole and prepared to live each day without the use of drugs. Recovery is possible, and it is not too early or too late to seek help. With help and support, you can repair relationships with your family members and friends, do well in your career and begin to meet every day with excitement and curiosity.

You may believe that drug addiction treatment can help you, but still have questions or concerns…

I want to stop using drugs, but I’m not sure that I can.

During therapy sessions, I offer you a safe, supportive place for you to explore your feelings about your drug use. I understand how frightening it can be to imagine living without something that has helped you cope in the past. However, as you begin to speak honestly and openly about your feelings, you can begin to discover how a life without drugs is possible for you. I am not going to throw you back into the world without coping skills. Instead, I will help you develop healthier, more sustainable methods of dealing with and accepting difficult feelings and experiences.

I am afraid that everyone, including you, will judge me for the things I have done.

Our work together is completely confidential. No one needs to know that you are seeking drug addiction treatment unless you tell them. And, I would never judge you or make you feel as though you don’t deserve compassionate support. I can help you develop a greater sense of self-worth so that you can let go of secrecy and cope with the feelings of shame and fear that have been limiting your life.

Drug addiction treatment will make me deal with things that I don’t want to face.

I often tell my clients, “No is a complete sentence.” While I will encourage you to share even difficult thoughts and feelings, if you are not comfortable addressing something in particular, I will never force you to. That said, as you become more comfortable with therapy and we develop a strong therapeutic relationship, you may find that you are more able and even willing to explore and address the issues and challenges that therapy might bring up.

If you are ready to stop letting drugs have power over you, I invite you to call me at 704 659 6861 for a free, 20-minute phone consultation. I also offer brief in-person consultations. I’m happy to answer any questions you have about drug addiction treatment and my practice.