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Do You Feel Sad, Down and Hopeless?

Are you struggling to feel engaged with life? Do you feel as if nothing is interesting or worth the effort, including the things that used to bring you joy? Maybe you feel as if you are wading through your days, as though you are moving through quicksand. Have you been crying frequently, even when there doesn’t seem to be a reason? Or, you might feel numb, unable to laugh, cry or experience any emotions beyond a low-level, ever-present sadness. Do you wish you could feel active and excited about your life again?

Depression can sap away your energy and affect your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Maybe you find it increasingly difficult to wake up and get out of bed each morning. The smallest tasks, from brushing your teeth to preparing your lunch, might feel like enormous chores. Perhaps you feel exhausted all day, but still can’t fall asleep at night as you stare up at the ceiling ruminating over old regrets. You may be experiencing unexplained physical discomforts, such as headaches or other persistent pain. Maybe you have noticed a change in your appetite and find yourself eating much more or much less than you have before. You may have begun turning to alcohol or other substances to help alleviate some of your sadness, but you find that the relief is only temporary. Above all, you might feel tired, irritable and stuck in a series of motions that seem more and more meaningless.

Many People Struggle With Depression

While you may feel utterly alone or broken, you are not alone. Depression is very common, and sadness, lethargy and apathy can be difficult to shake. Some people experience depression following a significant life change or a painful event, such as the loss of a loved one, the end of a relationship or a career disappointment. Some have a history of depression in their family. Others experience depression with no apparent cause – the sadness is just suddenly there, making life feel unsatisfying.

While depression is common, no two people experience it in exactly the same way. You may feel disengaged and empty all the time, although you don’t really feel intense despair. Or, perhaps you are having an increasingly difficult time taking care of yourself. Sometimes, depression can make it seem like life isn’t worth living. One of the major symptoms of depression is hopelessness, which might be making you feel as though it is impossible to ever feel light or happy again.

The goods news is that depression treatment can be extremely effective. With help and support, you can rediscover some brightness in your life.

Depression Treatment Can Help You Make
Positive Changes And Reclaim Your Life

Regardless of how sad or exhausted you may be feeling today, it is possible for you to stop feeling weighed down by depression. Through depression treatment, I have helped many people develop the tools needed to cope with negative feelings and feel equipped to make choices that serve higher values, such as family or creativity. In collaborative sessions, we can work together to identify the path leading toward the life you want.

Depression can be a bit like quicksand. It grabs onto your ankles and slowly crawls up your legs, pulling you down until you feel like you are drowning. Ignoring the quicksand won’t help. You might try to free yourself, but only find that you are getting more and more stuck. Depression can make it difficult to see the branches hanging over the sand pit. In therapy sessions, I can show you how to grab onto those branches. While you can’t eliminate the existence of quicksand all together, and while some might even cling to your shoes, you can make choices that will gradually pull you up and out so that you can walk forward with greater ease. Sadness, disappointments and loss are all a part of human existence, and you can’t wait for them to disappear before you start to live a full life. I can help you develop ways to cope with sadness as it arises so that it does not suck you down.

In depression treatment sessions, I can also help you better recognize and accept your feelings for what they are. We will develop a plan that outlines meaningful, direct action you can take every day. Every little thing we do can lead us closer to or further away from our values. The closer you move toward your values, the happier and more fulfilled you can begin to feel.

I am warm, compassionate and non-judgmental. I will create a safe space for you to consider the person you wish to be and take the brave steps that can get you there. You are not your depression. With help, it is possible for you to pull your feet out of the muck and feel enthusiasm, hope and joy again.

You may believe that depression treatment can help you take control over your life, but still have questions or concerns…

I feel so sad. How will focusing on my behaviors do anything?

While your emotions are valid and real, it is important to separate your identity from what you feel. You are not your sadness – you feel sad. By focusing on taking action to live your values, you can begin to see all of the ways in which you have worth and the potential to be the person you wish to be. While it might seem difficult right now, changing your behaviors can actually lead to a change in your mood, perceptions and emotions. You can’t wait for sadness to stop existing before you allow yourself to live your best life.

I don’t have the time or energy for depression treatment.

Depression can make you feel as though you can’t do anything. But, if you are looking at this page, you have already begun the process of making choices to improve your overall well-being. I can help motivate you to uncover your values and figure out the best way to move toward them. Through our work together, you can increase your energy and enthusiasm for life. And, you are likely to find that, by spending time in depression treatment, you can stop feeling like your only options are lying in bed, watching that TV show or drinking to numb out. You can begin to make your time count.

I think I might just be broken.

Depression can make you feel worthless and hopeless. But, those feelings do not represent reality. They are symptoms of depression itself. As you begin to change the way you make choices and move through the world, you can begin to discover that you are not broken at all. You are just going through a painful time, as so many people do. There is hope for you to find lasting relief and discover the person you have always wanted to be.

You don’t have to cope with the heaviness of depression alone. I invite you to call me at 704-659 6861 for a free, 20-minute phone consultation. I also offer brief in-person consultations. I’m happy to answer any questions you have about depression treatment and my practice.