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Do You Feel Like You Can Never Relax or Find Calm?

Do you frequently feel nervous and on-edge? Is it difficult or even impossible for you to quiet the thoughts running through your head? Do you spend countless hours anticipating worst-case scenarios, certain that you won’t be able to handle disaster when it inevitably comes? Maybe you are experiencing physical symptoms, such as a racing heartbeat, stomach pains, headaches or uncontrollable sweating. Or, perhaps you feel certain that something is terribly wrong with you, even though medical doctors can’t find anything. Do you wish you could find a way to live each without constant worries, fear or stress holding you back?

Living with anxiety can be a frustrating, isolating and even helpless experience. You may wake up each morning and immediately start running through your to-do list, which only seems to grow. You might also worry that if you don’t complete everything right on time you will face dire consequences, such as losing your job or your relationship. Perhaps you are particularly worried about certain situations or places, such as a social event or an elevator. You may have begun avoiding the things that make you feel even more anxious. Maybe you have missed out on opportunities to do things because of your fear. You might feel as though your worries are making it more and more difficult for you to live the life you want.

Many People Struggle With Anxiety

If you feel as though worry and fear are making your choices for you and holding you back from living a full, satisfying life, you are not alone. Anxiety is one of the most common issues that people face. Our modern society is hectic and fast-paced, and sometimes it can feel as though you will fall behind if you take even a moment to catch your breath and slow down. We are surrounded by constant stimuli, which can make it difficult to appreciate the present moment or feel confident about our choices.

Sometimes, anxiety is a useful feeling. Its cues prevent you from walking into the street without checking for traffic or failing to pay the rent on time. However, sometimes your mind and body can become stuck in anxiety, even when there is no actual danger present. You can start to feel as though a car is always barreling toward you, even when there is no car in sight. This heightened state of fear can have a significant impact on your mental, physical and emotional well-being. Thankfully, there is a way to stop letting anxiety rule your life.

Anxiety Treatment Can Help You Live a
Meaningful Life Based on Your Values

You don’t have to allow fear to get in the way of a full, satisfying life anymore. Therapy is extremely effective in treating anxiety. With help and support, you can develop tools to cope with anxious thoughts and feeling as they arise. You can begin to change your reactions and behaviors so that you no longer feel ruled by the fears racing through your mind.

In sessions, I can help you begin to clarify your values and live in greater service of them, even when anxiety is present. When we behave in ways that do not serve our values, we often feel more unhappy and dissatisfied. By acting with a conscious awareness of your values, you can begin to feel more confident and whole. As you change your behaviors, you can begin to notice that an improved mood and reduced anxiety follow.  

Imagine that you are driving to work on an extremely foggy day. Do you stop your car in the middle of the road and wait for the fog to disappear? No – you keep driving, but you might drive a little differently. You respond to the fog by driving a little slower and keeping your fog lights on. Maybe you leave the house a bit earlier to give yourself extra time. This fog is like your anxious thoughts and feelings. You can’t wait for them to go away before you start living a rich and meaningful life. Instead, you have to develop an effective strategy to navigate them so that you can still do the work of living.

I am a warm, compassionate therapist who can help you feel safe as you learn effective ways to cope with the discomfort of anxiety. In anxiety treatment sessions, I create a safe atmosphere so that you feel comfortable trying new things. I can help you understand that you are not your anxious thoughts and feelings. By looking at your uncomfortable sensations and creating distance by holding them away from you, you can see that they do not need to define you nor need to control your life.  

You don’t have to let anxiety hold you back. It is possible to begin living a life that serves your values and goals. And, as you act according to your true wants and needs, you can find lasting relief from anxiety.

You may believe that anxiety treatment can help you take control over your life again, but have questions or concerns…

I don’t have enough time for anxiety treatment.

If you are already stressed by the demands of life, it may seem like anxiety treatment will just become another thing on your to-do list. But, therapy can actually help you manage your time more effectively. By developing strategies to cope with fearful thoughts and live in accordance to your values, you can begin to find your time more rewarding and productive.

I’m worried that bad things will happen if I make changes to how I live.

Once you begin to change the way you act, you can begin to see that anxiety does not need to control your decisions. If you already dread each day or live in a constant state of nervousness, it is likely that you feel unable to be your true self. It may be frightening at first, but you do not have to do it alone. I will offer you guidance and support so that you feel more empowered to live according to what you truly want.

What will people think if they find out that I’m in therapy?

As your therapist, I will keep everything you say to me completely confidential. No one needs to know that you are in therapy unless you want them to. In addition, there is nothing wrong or shameful about seeking anxiety treatment. It is very brave to ask for help. During sessions, you can speak openly and honestly about your experiences without any fear of judgment.

You don’t have to allow fear and worry to dictate your choices for you anymore. I invite you to call me at 704-659 6861 for a free, 20-minute phone consultation. I also offer brief in-person consultations. I’m happy to answer any questions you have about anxiety treatment and my practice.